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how to clean your dryer vent

Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips for Safety and Savings

While regular maintenance is beneficial for most appliances, knowing how to clean your dryer vent is also an important safety precaution. Our dryer vent cleaning tips include how to clean your dryer’s lint screen, lint screen vent and vent ducts to sustain dryer performance and keep your home safe.

What Are the Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips?

The best ways to clean your dryer vents get the job done quickly and easily so this importance maintenance is performed regularly. We recommend a dryer vent cleaning every 6-12 months to prevent buildup of dust and debris in the vent system. But before we discuss the best dryer vent cleaning tips, we’ll explain why this maintenance is so important.

Why Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Important?

First and foremost, dryer vent cleaning can prevent dryer fires. A fire can occur when lint accumulates inside the dryer vent, coming in contact with hot air that has no way to escape. Possible signs of a dryer fire include smoke, a burning smell, or your dryer becoming hot to the touch.

Early symptoms of a clogged dryer vent will show a dryer not heating properly. You may notice that your dryer takes more than one cycle to dry clothing. Or maybe one cycle takes longer to dry clothes than it did before. If these signs occur, it’s time to implement the following dryer cleaning tips.

dryer vent cleaning tips

1. Deep Clean Dryer Lint Screen

While we recommend removing lint from your lint screen after every drying cycle, sometimes the lint screen requires a deeper clean. This is because residue from dryer sheets and detergent can clog the screen’s mesh. When this happens, lint can bypass the screen and enter the dryer vent system. Follow these dryer vent cleaning tips for your lint screen:

  1. Remove the lint screen from it’s compartment and wipe away visible lint with your hand or a paper towel
  2. Run the lint screen under running water, adding a small amount of dish detergent
  3. With a soft toothbrush, gently scrub the screen’s mesh to remove residue
  4. Rinse the screen and allow to air dry completely

2. Clean Lint Screen Dryer Vent

While the lint screen is drying you can clean its vent compartment. For this step and our remaining dryer vent cleaning tips we recommend a dryer vent cleaning kit to make the job easier. Here’s how to clean the lint screen vent with these supplies:

  1. Use the long, flexible lint brush to catch lint that’s built up inside the vent. Circulate the brush multiple times to grasp any visible lint.
  2. With the kit’s narrow hose vacuum attachment, vacuum away all remaining lint inside the vent
  3. Reinstall the lint screen when it’s completely dry
best way to remove lint from dryer vents
Image from Harbor Freight

3. Clean the Dryer Vent Ducts

The best way to remove lint from dryer vents also uses the brush and vacuum attachments from the cleaning kit. Follow these simple steps to get the job done quickly and easily:

  1. Unplug the dryer and move it away from the wall to gain access to the vent
  2. Disconnect the duct from the dryer and the wall
  3. Gently rotate the appliance brush within the duct to gather up lint
  4. If you have metal ducts, use the narrow hose vacuum attachment to remove all remaining lint
  5. Vacuum up any lint in the area around the vent connection and on the floor
  6. Clean out the vent trap and vent duct on the outside of the house with the same methods
  7. Plug the dryer in and move it back into place

These dryer cleaning tips can will not only keep your dryer functioning optimally but also prevent dangerous dryer fires. Is your dryer still not running up to par? Let Sooo Cool Appliance Repair be your dryer repair service when you need us the most!

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