How to Sort Laundry by Fabric

Knowing how to separate clothes for washing by fabric also helps preserve the life of your clothing. Heavier items like terry cloth towels or blankets should be washed together to avoid grazing with other items that could be easily harmed by their weight. Heavy items should also be dried together, as their long drying times could lead to over-drying of lighter items while still leaving heavy ones damp.

Delicate items should also be separated from other fabrics during washing to avoid pilling and tearing from the zippers and buttons of other laundry. Ideally, delicates are washed together in a mesh bag on a gentle cycle or hand washed and air-dried.

Though it’s easy to think that sorting clothes only adds another step to the chore of laundry, once you know how to separate clothes for washing it can be quick and easy. Not to mention saving you the time, money, and frustration that can come from that stray red sock.